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          ePanchayat - House Tax For Gram Panchayats

The Commissioner Panchayati Raj and Rural Employment has initiated ePanchayat , a Flagship project, for Computerization of Gram Panchayats. After a detailed system study by NIC, the department prioritized the applications to be automated for Gram Panchayats. The application areas are Birth & Death Registrations, House Tax Assessment, Demand Collections and Trade Licences. The applications were developed and implemented in 475 Gram Panchayats identified by the Department. The Software is web enabled and hosted on NIC Central servers. The capacity building had been taken up at various levels by conducting state & district level workshops and 5-day intensive training programme on the application usage and general awareness on computers .The ePanchayat project was initiated by Commissioner PR&RE in 2005, while the pilot was running in Ramachandrapuram gram Panchayat since 2003. With ICT proving successful at Gram Panchayat level, the department requested NIC Hyderabad to take up Computerisation of all the 3-tiers of PRIs i.e Zilla Praja Parishad, Mandal Praja Parishad(Block) and Gram Panchayats and to submit the report. NIC APSC has conducted a detailed System Study of PRIs and submitted the report to the department. The Commissioner PR&RE constituted a Domain Committee to review the study report. The committee prioritized the application areas common to all the three tiers of PRIs for computerization, based on which the department issued a letter of request to NIC for computerization of the following functional areas.An MIS portal of ePanchayat is launched to enable middle and top management to monitor and follow up.

  • House Tax
  • Backlog Assessments
  • New Assessment
  • Assessment Special Notice & Acknowledgment
  • Assessment Confirmation
  • Revision of Assessment
  • Arrears
  • Year end process for Demand Computation
  • Periodicals (MIS Reports)
  • Aadhaar Seeding and confirmation for House Tax

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House Tax Site can be viewed in "". Pls replace "" with "" for all PR sites.
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